Our doulas are full-spectrum nonclinical birth workers and childbirth educators that work alongside birthing families throughout every stage of pregnancy. We have the privilege of providing physical, spiritual, informational, and emotional support to a growing number of families in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas through personalized doula services each year.

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Your Body, Your Birth, Your Way

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Educational Classes

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Full-spectrum Support

Education is the key to achieving the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey you desire. Our education classes are designed to perfectly complement our doula services by covering a variety of topics that help our clients make informed decisions before, during, and after their doula care.

  • Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum

Classes Included:

  • Newborn Care & Safety
  • Nutrition

melissa & todd robinson

"It is important to have a doula who is experienced, well educated and who will advocate fearlessly for you. I can surely say Denee went above and beyond our expectations. She's truly a valuable resource to the birthing community. We are already discussing, when we conceive again, how she will most definitely be our doula."

sheena douglas

"Thank goodness Andrea was there! I couldn't have done it without her help, support and guidance. She was someone I could trust when I found myself freaking out. Even with all of the surges of labor, she does her absolute best to make you feel confident and comfortable. And she knows her way around the hospital setting. She's worth every penny!"

jamiliah butler

"Honestly, I was skeptical about having a doula but I decided to hire one for the first time with my last baby. And honey, let me tell you...it makes a difference! I almost had my baby naturally because of her. And I don't tolerate pain well! I definitely recommend Hello Sunshine. If I was going to have more kids, I would definitely use her every time!"

Maximize your experience

An intimate party that is held for the mother-to-be to help her prepare for birth by showering her with love, support, and encouragement. A wonderful way to include friends, family, and support people.

Mother Blessing Party

Designed to put your worries to rest! The doula and loved ones will help the parents-to-be "nest," by assisting with to-do items around the house in preparation for the arrival of the new baby and the  postpartum period.

Nesting Party

A fun and creative way pregnant women (and their partner) can access their inner wisdom and intuition in preparation for birth and parenting. No artistic talent, skill, or experience is needed.

Birth Art Circle

Doula Questions

We strive to make doula care affordable for everyone. We have an array of packages to choose from to fit the needs of you and your family. These packages start at $1,500. If you cannot afford the investment in full, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask about our community-based doula program which focuses on bridging cultural and language barriers to ensure all people have access to support around the time of birth.

Sadly, we currently are unable to accept insurance at this time. However, we're hoping to start the application process for Medicaid reimbursement, very soon. Wish us luck!

The educational classes are required because they are designed to give you access to accurate and up-to-date information about childbirth, to ensure you are making informed decisions about your care. They also help with building confidence in your body's ability to give birth. 


Learn how to live a free and full life

Our life coaching services empower women to break free from their existing patterns and beliefs so they can reach their full potential. Whether they have lost their identity in motherhood, marriage, or somewhere else over the years – we focus on helping women rediscover their true selves. If you have been feeling lost or depleted, life coaching may be a beneficial service for you.

Collaborative Life Coaching

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Work intimately with Andrea and receive personalized guidance and support to help you through your current pregnancy or personal life goals. Learn how to create the changes that you are craving.

1 on 1 Coaching

A monthly support group for Mothers. This group offers a safe and welcoming space to connect, build community, and discuss pregnancy, postpartum and all things motherhood. 

motherhood Circle

Coaching Questions

Before spending your time and hard earned money hiring a coach. It's essential to ask yourself, if it’s the right time for YOU and if YOU are ready! As a coach I can spend all of my time, effort and resources coaching, teaching, and training, but if you are not ready, prepared, or willing to change, then it is all a wasted effort. 

There are different types of coaches and they can specialize in multiple things. From nutrition and diet, executive coach, business coach, spiritual guides, and so on. The choice of which one to hire, should depend solely on what you want/need at that time. Hiring a Life Coach, such as myself, is beneficial because we are trained to help in every area and aspect of life. 

Transformational Coaching is the style I use. It focuses on helping individuals who are going through major life changes or want to create a major change in their life. This style primarily is about helping clients understand how their attitude and perception about themselves can affect how they behave. Individuals may want to work on their self-image or learn how they can reach their full potential. I empower my clients with the confidence that they can make the life changes they desire to achieve their ultimate life goals.

Serving others is an extension of my calling. I absolutely love helping people! The work I do as a coach is aligned with my core beliefs and values as a wife, mother, and business owner. I truly believe the empowerment of women is vital to the overall health and advancement of families and our communities. When we as women feel secure, fulfilled, soft, and productive, we can reach our fullest potential and live our best lives.

Taraiya Jetter

"Andrea helped me change my entire lifestyle! It can sometimes be hard for me to put trust in others. But with her, I did with no hesitation! She taught me that I am worthy and enough. We discussed things I couldn’t even talk to my mother about. Anyone lucky enough to work with her will understand exactly what I mean when I say, she is a Queen! Thank you!"

Diamond Davis 

"Andrea is by far the best coach I could have ever asked for. Meeting her has completely changed my life and ascended my spirit. She has a very loving and sweet essence about her but she will also hold you accountable for your own journey. The way that she listens and reflects things back to you is mind blowing. I’m forever grateful for her and her amazing gifts."

Brittney Charisse

"I was going through the roughest time in my life! My health was going down hill and so was my mind. I kept asking God for a miracle. Then he sent me Andrea! Her vibe is so trusting and motherly. I felt safe when I talked to her! She empowered me to truly trust myself. I highly recommend anyone serious about transforming their life to connect with this beautiful soul!"


Doula & Life Coaching Services

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