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In 2019, Hello Sunshine Birth & Wellness Company was founded by Andrea, who is also affectionately known as Doula Denee. Andrea has always had an empathetic and compassionate heart. She entered the healthcare field at 18 and found her purpose in helping people. 

After the pandemic, Andrea decided to step away from the corporate healthcare field to follow her dream of becoming a doula and life coach. She wanted to continue helping people without the corporate politics that are often a part of the medical field.

Since starting Hello Sunshine Birth & Wellness, Andrea has done just that. She has assisted families with childbirth, postpartum and fertility. She’s also had the privilege of growing two online community groups for women, holding Sister Circles, creating coaching courses, and more.

Hello Sunshine Founder & Head Doula

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The name Hello Sunshine Birth & Wellness Company originates from Andrea's childhood nickname, Sunshine.

Her mother worked long hours as a sous chef while pregnant with her and would play classical music while working in the kitchen to soothe her growing baby.

She typically didn't get home from work until the early rising, which also happened to be when Andrea was the most active. Every time the sun rose, Andrea would move about in her mother's stomach.

 Andrea was born on a stormy winter night in Buffalo, NY. Her mother had the lights dimmed and was again playing classical music as she welcomed her Sunshine, Andrea, into the world.

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We're currently searching for new and experienced doula’s to join our team of passionate birth companions. We are looking for birth workers who are willing to work in Allegheny County specifically.

Doula certification is preferred. If interested candidates are not already certified, training programs can be recommended. Don't miss out on the chance to make a positive impact in local communities!


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